Spreading Yourself thin

“You’re spreading yourself too thin” If I have heard my Mam tell me this once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. That is just typical of me though. My life is so full to the brim with obligations, activities and other ideas that I rarely get a chance to focus on one thing entirely. Ironically, spreading myself too “thin” seems to have the opposite effect on my waist line. So unfair right?

I have always been the type to work hard and play hard. I got my degree and Masters part time while working full time and volunteering on various projects too. My current lifestyle involves a full time job, volunteering at my local football club, going to my fitness classes, training with my improv group, travelling every spare moment I get, learning to drive and blogging whenever I get the chance. I couldn’t shoehorn another thing into my life if I tried. When do you eat? You might ask. Here is the thing. I eat constantly.

I had gotten a good handle over my food, but true to form I began filling my schedule up again and again and I have started slipping. Because I don’t have the time to prepare my food I eat out way too much, which leaves me little control over what I do eat. I snack instead of eating proper meals and I grab what I can when I can. This means that what I eat has never taken priority and the busier I get the worse I get. I am only short of sticking a nosebag onto my ears and grazing all day!

So far so good….

I recognise that I have been slipping with my weight loss progress and in order to “cut the fat” I now have to cut some things out of my life in order to prioritise my health and well-being. But this this is difficult to do. Everything I do I do for a reason and there will be a lot of soul searching needed to decide which of my extracurricular activities gets the chop.

Ironically I have found I will have to slow down in order to speed up my metabolism and get this show back on the road!

Wish me luck!

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