5 Unbelievable Las Vegas Restaurants

They say that New York is the City that never sleeps, but whoever said that has clearly never been to Las Vegas! Whatever you want you can get in Vegas and this even includes a few things you didn’t even know you wanted. Restaurants are ten-a-penny and you will find yourself spoiled for choice.

Not only will you be spoilt with the good food on offer, you will also be amazed by the unique and interesting places to dine. When I say that these next 5 places are unbelievable, I don’t mean that they will be winning Michelin stars. I mean that you won’t believe these restaurants actually exist!

A burger with a side of sarcasm

In general you will find the customer service in Las Vegas to be top notch. Staff are pleasant, helpful and friendly in almost every hotel and restaurant. Well, almost. Dick’s is a whole different kettle of fish altogether. This restaurant is famous for its sarcastic and rude staff. You might wonder why anyone would deliberately go to a place where they will be treated badly as customers but it is actually quite the experience. On arrival our server told us the deal, giving us one last chance to leave if we were not ready to be insulted over dinner! When we agreed to stay he threw the cutlery down on our table to let the fun begin. Diners at Dick’s are treated to a tall paper hat, on which our server wrote some pretty vulgar messages and we were required to wear them for the duration of the meal. Further ill-treatment came when I stumbled over my order and was hurried up and warned that the server “didn’t have all day”. I opted for a shrimp platter, which was decent. The meal ended with the presentation of the bill with a charming message from our server.


Verdict: Good fun, but not for sensitive souls

A heart attack on a plate

I have to make a confession. We didn’t actually eat here. I wanted to, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Outside this quirky restaurant a huge crowd cheered on a man as he stood on the industrial sized scales at the door. Screams of joy followed as the scales read 356 lbs. This achievement of weighing over 350lbs meant that the man in question would eat for free.


The Heart Attack Grill based on Fremont Street, is famous for its obnoxiously high calorie food and its celebration of everything unhealthy. Their signature dish – the quadruple bypass burger contains more than 8000 calories. Other high fat foods on the menu include milkshakes laced with buttercream and coca cola with added sugar syrup. If the menu wasn’t novel enough, customers are treated like patients and draped in hospital robes and wine is served via a drip hung by your side. Just to make the experience even more uncomfortable, customers who can’t finish all of their food are brought to the bar and spanked with a paddle by a “nurse”. Ouch

Verdict: I can’t vouch for the food, but the novel factor is without comparison

Dinner on Top of the World

Finally, some real food! At the top of the Stratosphere tower, you can dine in the top of the world restaurant and take in some of the best views Las Vegas has to offer. Not only was this the best food I ate while in Las Vegas, the views from the revolving restaurant were breath-taking. Try to make a reservation around sunset and you can have the best of worlds. You can see the sprawling desert by day and finish your meal with a view of the bright light city by night. We topped it off with a dessert of white chocolate mousse made as a miniature stratosphere tower.


The tower is not only a restaurant, but also a platform for thrill seekers with adventure rides on top of the restaurant. Don’t be surprised to see adrenalin junkie’s bungie jumping past the windows as you enjoy your meal!

Verdict – Really good food, Amazing views but a bit on the pricey side.

Cupcakes 24/7

It is a well acknowledged fact that las Vegas never sleeps and never was a truer word spoken. Case in point: The Cupcake ATM. This sounds like something out of a fairy tale, but I swear to you it is true. You can walk up to the cupcake ATM, select your flavour of choice and swipe your credit card and voilà! As if by magic the little pink door opens to reveal your sweet treat! I chose a lemon cupcake and also tasted some of a red velvet one. Both were fresh and delicious!


Verdict – Kinda pricey at $5 each but man I love a gimmick!!

A bacon cheeseburger milkshake

You read that right. I literally only ordered it because I could. Located in the Fashion Show Mall across from the Venetian is the newly opened Sugar Factory. You can’t miss this place with the enormous yellow duck outside and the smoke coming from bubbling drinks. The menu includes large goblet cocktails complete with dry ice and garnished with large lollipops which look more like a magic potion than a drink. For more fun flip to the milkshake section where you can order said bacon cheeseburger milkshake which is obviously a strawberry milkshake with a burger on top….. of course.


Other novel garnishes include a slice of cheesecake on top or a unicorn lollipop. I very ironically ordered a Chinese salad with my milkshake which I must admit was really good. The milkshake however was far too big for one person, so I would suggest you share!

Verdict – I wanted everything on the menu, but portion sizes are huge so sharing is caring!

There you have it. Five places to eat in Vegas that you would never believe existed, but they do! Try it for yourself some time.


  1. I’ve been to Dick’s place (it was in San Antonio) and we didn’t know what it was all about before coming in! We just wanted a beer, so nobody really explained anything to us and the barman was acting rude and weird, and we were like “what the hell is going on” 😀 But then somebody told us the deal and we stayed watching other people getting insulted 😀 It’s a very weird concept for me though, I’m not the biggest fan of it, but I guess it might be funny for some people 😉 Some part of it was funny but only if the comments and behaviour is acctually “funny/rude” not only insulting 🙂
    Great list of other restaurants!



  2. Wow, in all the times I’ve been to Vegas, I’ve never seen the cupcake vending machine! Vegas has such great food – it’s always hard to decide where to go. There’s great and fun options on this list!


  3. Great options for eating here, would love to see the views at the Stratosphere tower. Would definitely put on a few pounds here! #feetdotravel


  4. As I was reading this post, I kept thinking – “Only in Vegas!”. Some awesome and very different places to eat. I don’t think I could have brought myself to eat at “Heart Attack on a Plate”! Thanks for sharing, really interesting 🙂


  5. Wow didn’t know any of these existed in Vegas but that could have been because I travelled America on a no/low-carb diet so most of these places would be a big no no! Very quirky though! Thanks for sharing


  6. In Dubai, we have ATMs for gold bars, in Vegas, it’s cupcake ATMs. I think I’ll research all of the quirky ATMs around the world! Thanks for the idea! 😉


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