Body Confidence in the World of Travel Blogging

Since last year and the beginning of this blog, I have been thrust into the World of travel blogging. This has been not only an incredibly rewarding experience, but also a very challenging one. Believe it or not, blogging can at times be quite competitive and you are constantly comparing yourself to others. Some people have more followers, some have travelled to more countries and some and more aesthetically pleasing than me!

I have been pretty open about my struggles with my weight and my body image and coming to terms with not being “perfect” is difficult for most women. Now add that level of self-criticism to the World of Travel blogging and it can be a huge mental battle.


You see, as bloggers, we are putting our thoughts, our works and our image out for the World to view, browse and ultimately judge. As bloggers and writers we assume that people want to read what we have to say. But sometimes they don’t. Every time we publish a post on our blog we are asking people to read it and by that token we are personally exposing ourselves every day. We request constant feedback through hits, views, likes, shares, retweets etc. Whether we like it or not, having a blog is basically marketing yourself as a brand. I am prepared for this when it comes to my writing, but my image is a different story.

The Beautiful Bloggers

Through my journey in starting up my blog and promoting it, I naturally turned to follow successful travel bloggers to see what I could be doing to make my blog the best it could be. So, on social media, I followed all of the big travel accounts in the same genre – 20 something female travel bloggers. The problem with this is that the majority of this group of people are young, tan, slim and ultimately beautiful. I on the other hand am pale, “curvy” and now no longer in that 20’s age bracket.16832406_10155166724801929_494220226198910146_n

It certainly isn’t easy to look at picture after picture of beautiful women, posing in bikinis on some anonymous beach and pretend that it doesn’t make you doubt yourself. I personally have not donned a bikini since I was 15 years old. It is also no secret that a picture of a beautiful person will get more engagement on social media. Sunkissed Goddesses wearing designer clothing fill up my timeline on a daily basis. So I began thinking that I needed to work extra hard; to write more interesting posts and to set myself aside from the pretty girls. I know now that this was a load of rubbish.

It Doesn’t Matter

One of the things that I have learnt over the past year is that none of this really matters. If I was going to write and blog and be honest to myself and the people who read my blog, then I had to begin embracing the person I am. I needed to realize that there are so many women out there, like me, who are struggling with their image and I need to be a role model for them.


I will always work hard to be the best possible version of myself and this is never easy. I have come a long way, but there is a long way to go with getting to my goal weight, but in the mean time I have learned to feel comfortable in my own skin. My body is my body. Yes it is bigger than it should be; yes my teeth are not perfect and I am pale as a snowdrop, but it is me!

The Real Me

So as a promise to my readers, I pledge to always show my true self. Some days I will look better than others because some days I feel better than others. Some days I have my hair and makeup done and some days I have more important things to be doing. But most importantly, I promise to continue to explore the World for as long as I can and make sure I feel good while I’m doing it!

I would like to invite you All to do the same x



  1. Hey Claire, thank you so much for your honest and amazing post. Seeing as I’m myself a pale, curvy travel blogger in my thirties 😉 I absolutely get what you are talking about. I love your positivity and salute your confidence, that I still sometimes struggle with. We need more women out there like yourself. And just btw: You’re gorgeous girl and I love your smile ! 😉

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  2. Accepted! Great post! I am a 40 something curvy woman who loves writing and loves travelling and I totally understand what you are saying. Not everyone is a 20 something size 8….. thank goodness!!! Be positive be confident- we are all amazing!


  3. Our ethos @ is about “the things we love….” and one of those has to be ourselves. Kudos for putting it out there, Clair. Authenticity is extremely attractive!


  4. You are so beautiful! I’m so happy you are embracing and loving yourself. It is something I need to remember to do as well. Thank you for writing this blog 🙂



  5. This is a really open, honest post, and I thank you for sharing it! I also have several of the same feelings and doubts on good and bad days (especially when surfing Instagram and trying to measure up to those bikini-wearing goddesses), but ultimately, it’s a great reminder to realize it doesn’t matter. And in the end, it’s awesome to be YOU, because that’s what your readers want! 🙂 We don’t have to be a carbon copy of everyone else to be special or successful. Keep being lovely and keep traveling, Clair! 😀


  6. Both me and Scarlett 🙂 have had our weight fluctuate up and down over the years. Women (even the teeny tiny size 2’s) have body image issues because of our media-influenced and materialistic society. I have scars on my back that I hate from a car accident I was in as a kid. I haven’t sported a bikini on the beach since I was in high school. However, I happily wear a one piece and flaunt what I have because I don’t care what the other girls think anymore. I appreciate your honest sharing of your feelings. I think it is important for us as women to be positive role models for young ladies, and make them feel like they can do anything by just being themselves. Thanks for the beautiful, inspiring post Clair.


  7. Claire, this is such a great post and absolutely needed in the world of blogging. I would love if you would consider writing something like this for! I have looked for you email to contact you but couldn’t find it on your site. Could you let me know so I can write to you. Thanks! Becky


  8. Thanks for sharing. I think as soon as we start comparing ourselves with other people, we go down a dangerous road as there will always be someone more attractive, better travelled, earning more money etc. Be yourself and do your thing – simple!


  9. I really appreciate the honesty from this post. There will always be younger, skinnier or fashionable bloggers out there but what really matters is to be yourself and don’t let anyone to tell you they are better than you. Being yourself will make your readers keep reading what you have to say. Keep going!


  10. Thank you for your honesty with this post and I am sure many people, including myself, identify with many of these feelings. I think your approach to writing is perfect. Enjoy your travels and I look forward to reading more about them 🙂


  11. Love this! Always be true to your self which comes out in your writings. You are beautiful 🙂 What a beautiful and honest post. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  12. Loved this post (found it either on Insta or someone else’s RT) and it resonated with me too so much. Most of Insta is filled with those thin young things and so many bikini shots I don’t think I would put out there even if I was as young and that size 😉 But like you, I am older, have my curves and so aware of the majority of the bloggers are not my peers – so I need to be me and confidently so. Easier with age thoug, I think. I wouldn’t want to be 20, towards the end of my 30s I got happier despite my bigger wardrobe etc. Life experience matters in so many ways. Hoever, I am aware I have left out my age of my blog bio/intro as I didn’t want to be negatively judged as some old has-been – my worth as a blogger is not in my age either. Or in leggy beach photos. Yay for us other kind of bloggers – I don’t want to say older, hehe 😉


  13. Great read Clair, and as everyone else has said, a honest, open post. It’s very true that blogging can be a very exposing activity and I think it takes some boldness to put your thoughts out there (along with your name unlike internet trolls). I do wish the superficial parts of social media/blogging didn’t have such an impact, but you are right that they simply don’t matter. To just be yourself is a great approach and mindset to have, particularly because that’s really what blogging is about in the end. 🙂


  14. “some and more aesthetically pleasing than me!” Noooooooo!!! you are so beautiful!! Whenever I look at your pictures I see a stunning, empowered woman who is loving life! We have such a falsified idea of beauty now and it’s a load of rubbish! In some places people bleach their skin to be pale! We’ve gone from Kate Moss to Kim Kardashian in terms of how much curves you’re meant to have. None of it is true!

    I kind of know where you’re coming from with this post because I used to have major eating disorders and even now I still find myself falling into making those unhealthy comparisons. I’ve slowly realised that the most attractive thing in a person is happiness though. This is such an important and empowering post and I’m so glad you shared it 🙂 You rock!! Keep doing your thing!


  15. Hey Clair! I commented on your post some time ago (see above) and received a notification that you followed me/my blog couple of days ago…

    I’ve since then gone self-hosted so if you want to follow my non-leggy blogger made it to 40 (yiekes!) travels then please subscribe on my blog and that should still send you e-mail notifications 🙂 Thx!


  16. Totally hit the nail on the head with this one. But I do think the travel community is way more accommodating and helpful thank I ever thought it would be. For me, I think the competitiveness is my own. But I agree with so much in this post! #gltlove


  17. Hi Clair,

    Thanks for writing about this topic! I’ve often felt self-conscious in blogging. We’re intentionally exposing our selves by writing about our trips, etc. I’ve become very conscious of what pictures to post, etc. Thankfully we can control what we post, as we can’t exactly remove everything we post.


  18. I totally understand where you’re coming from, Clair! I’m a little older – early 40s – and am glad I came to travel blogging at an age where I am more relaxed about my appearance. Not sure I could have done it 10 years ago without some serious self-loathing. Your readers will be all shapes and sizes, and will be happy to see themselves represented instead of a “perfect” body image! Keep being yourself!


  19. Hi Clair !
    I saw your blog on GLT and this post spoke to me. I am also a curvy gal and it wasn’t until my trip to Mexico after a stupid breakup where I learned to fully see my inner and outer beauty ! I love your words and staying true to yourself and accepting and loving yourself daily is the best thing you can do ! Keep living the life girl !


  20. Wonderful Blog post on being YOU- no matter what you look like on the outside- something I fully believe in! Looking forward to reading more of your blog and your travels! Found you thru #GLT on FB – #Girlslovetravel in every shape-color and AGE ! Keep living YOUR DREAMS !


  21. So honest and open. I saw this post on GLT and had to click on it because we are all so different in the way we are and it is important to accept yourself especially when travelling ❤


  22. So glad someone said this! It’s very true- the travel blogging world is dominated by perfect looking women, or so it seems sometimes. You’re beautiful inside and out!


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