4 Unique places to Eat and Drink in Liverpool


Lively Liverpool is awash with nightlife and culture. From the Football to the Beatles there is no shortage of things for tourists to do. Just take a walk down Matthew Street at 4pm and you can’t avoid the crowds out to have a good time. Its massive shopping area Liverpool One is a modern thoroughfare selling anything you can imagine. Liverpool is also home to what I think is the greatest named shop in the World. Two doors down from the Liverpool FC fan store lives the much smaller Everton fans store cleverly named Everton Two. It was a marketing genius that ensured the Address of this store is Everton Two, Liverpool One. Fantastic!

I have been to Liverpool a few times at this stage, and recently headed over on a girls weekend. There are 3 things that makes for a great girlie city break and that is good food, good drink and shopping. In this regard, Liverpool has it all! I was not shy with the eating and drinking, so I have listed 4 of my favourite places for food and drink in Liverpool.

  1. The Cavern Club

I will start with the obvious one. No trip to Merseyside is complete without a visit to the Cavern Club. The place where the Beatles began their journey to fame and the former work place of Cilla Black. Can you get more Liverpudlian than that? The Cavern is an underground live music joint which doubles as a museum and a musical tribute to the Beatles. It is dark and dingy and full of European Students, but the music is top notch and it is an essential part of the Matthew Street History.


  1. The Underground Gin Society

We came across the Underground Gin Society by accident really. Located on Castle Street, it is hidden away “underground” of course and provides a safe haven from the wildness of Matthew Street beyond a certain hour. Only opened in December 2016 it is still finding its feet in term of décor, but the humorous gin inspired jokes are entertaining and novel.


What makes the Underground Gin Society a must visit is its delicious cocktails crafted by their expert barman Rakesh. I am not kidding when I say these cocktails were THE most delicious I have tasted. Paired with the selection of classic R n B music, this makes for a very cool night out.


  1. Mowgli

My best friend is a vegetarian, so it can often be difficult to find restaurants with a good variety of choices for her. When we came across Mowgli, an Indian street food restaurant on Bold Street, we were very excited to try it. Mowgli didn’t disappoint with its beautiful but simple interior and its wide variety of Indian delicacies, most of which could be offered as a vegan choice. We ordered a feast of 5 small dishes which were served in a beautiful bronze tiffin box. As we have both been to India we can conclude that this food was as good as the traditional Hindu food which included Paneer a traditional cheese, Dahl, a lentil stew, Bhel Puri an interesting combination of puff rice, peanuts and chilli and of course roti bread and basmati rice.


I washed it all down with a pretty and strongly flavoured Rose and Cardamom Lassi. The service was excellent and we were left to enjoy our meal without feeling rushed. Although we ordered vegetarian dishes, there was also a good selection for meat lovers too.


  1. Ziferblat

For a coffee break with a twist, we popped into Ziferblat at Albert Dock. This unique café is run by social entrepreneurs and works on the basis that you pay for the time you spend and not the food/drink that you have. Guests pay 8p per minute and can help themselves to tea, coffee, cake and even breakfast cereals and soft drinks. Also on offer for your money, is free wifi and a selection of books and games, which no doubt keep you there for longer.


The space is cosy and retro with antique clocks on every table and a piano in the corner if you feel like entertaining. We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of this place and didn’t even mind helping ourselves to our coffee. You are also expected to clean up after yourself, but with all of the lovely cake and coffee for 8p a minute you can’t really complain!


There were a list of other places we promised to try, so that means one thing and one thing only…… We’ll have to go back!!!

Clair x


  1. Liverpool is definitely one of the stops on my inevitable journey through the UK so these are some great tips. Love the idea of pay by the minute coffee and I think the games are a clever way to keep you there longer haha. Nice one!


  2. Great post, Ziferblat looks so unique! this is timely too, as we’re planning a trip to Liverpool later this year, thanks for the recommendations!


  3. Great post for ideas for visiting Liverpool. Have pinned for future reference. Thanks for sharing. #feetdotravel


  4. Looks like a great list of places to visit in Liverpool. I’ve heard of Ziferblat before as it originated in Russia and made its way around the world, including London. I am yet to visit but I love the concept!


  5. Liverpool looks like a great place to explore. The food looks amazing and great to experience in some unique places. Will pin this on our Pinterest gastronomy board for future visit.


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