Last night I pushed myself to failure in the gym. I pushed myself until I couldn’t physically lift anymore. I pushed my body until my arms wobbled with fatigue. “I’m going to get you ripped this year” My trainer told me. “But you have to do something about your food”.

He was right. There is no point in almost killing myself in the gym, if I can’t get my diet on track. But this is something I need to understand. Why is it, that I can push myself to my absolute limits in exercise, but I can’t push myself to walk past the biscuit tin?

I have gotten to a point where my fitness levels are good. I can run 5k plus easily, I can lift decent weights and I can complete my HIIT classes comfortably (most of the time). So why am I not lean and slender? Well, Food!

First of All, I am a social creature and I love nothing more than being out and about with friends, family or even strangers. Socialising for me often inevitably means eating or drinking or some combination of both and while I try to make healthy choices when I’m out, what I don’t have is control. I don’t have control over what is put on my plate and I don’t have the conviction to leave bad stuff alone.

Secondly, I am a hugely disorganised person. Usually, this is not a bad thing, because I am spontaneous and resourceful and I genuinely get by without a care in the World! However, this disposition is a disaster for my diet. Waking up too late for breakfast and waiting until you are hungry to realise that you haven’t brought any lunch today is not exactly a great way to start the day.

Finally, there’s my travel. Food and travel go hand in hand for me and eating the local cuisine is genuinely one of the highlights of my trips abroad. If there is something new, I have to try it, regardless of how calorific or carborific it may be!

Indian Feast in Delhi

So today I have been thinking about how I can come to terms with my chaotic, impulsive and disorganised relationship with food. Organisation is key.

I am hoping that today was a bit of a watershed moment and that I can finally tackle my relationship with food head on. I can only do this by taking control of what I eat, meaning saying “No” to the things I don’t need and being proactive in making the right choices. With two weekends away this month, I hope that I’ll have the will power to keep my eye on the prize. Wish me luck! X


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