Turning 30 – Thirty things I’ve Done

“Thirty things to do before you’re 30”, “20 things you must do in your twenties”, we know the type of article. We’ve all read them and felt bad about our lives afterwards. I’m really not a fan of this kind of listcle type global peer pressure, which tells us where we have to be at a certain point in our lives. If I haven’t been to a full moon party in my 20’s have I even lived at all? I’ve often read these things and thought “Oh no, I’ve only done 5 of these 20 things, what have I been doing with my life?”
This kind of thing becomes even worse when you are edging towards a significant birthday. I will be turning the big 3-0 in a few weeks and to add to this, my birthday is New Year’s Eve. The problem with having a birthday on the last day of the year is that it makes you extra contemplative. I always have an incredible urge to reflect on the year gone by and the things I have achieved, or failed to achieve during that last year of my life. This year will be a big one and the listcles certainly don’t help. So, I have decided to reflect, not on the things that I “should” have done, but focus on the many fantastic things that I actually have done on my 30 years on the planet. So here is my list of 30 things I have done before turning 30.
1. Witnessed the Taj Mahal

2. Learned to Dance Salsa In Cuba

3. Heard the Echoes of my voice through the Maya Pyramids in Chichen Itza, Mexico

4. Walked the Great Wall of China

5. Backpacked through Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

6. Attended an open air Opera in Vienna

7. Climbed to the top of Europe’s Biggest Sand Dune

8. Ate a Chicken Maharajah Mac before a Bollywood movie in Agra, India

9. Learned how to shoot in Riga, Latvia

10. Saw the Northern Lights flicker across the Icelandic Sky

11. Volunteered to work with children in Kigali, Rwanda

12. Celebrated Carnival with Dutch friends in Eindhoven

13. Haggled for trinkets in the Souks of Marrakesh

14. Represented my country at the European Parliament in Brussels

15. Watched the sunrise on the River Ganges on Christmas morning

16. Climbed to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

17. Explored the least visited country in Europe

18. Partied all night long in Ibiza

19. Was enthralled by red Square in Moscow

20. Met Mickey Mouse in Orlando, Florida

21. Braved Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge

22. Crashed a Wedding Party in Skopje, Macedonia

23. Volunteered in a Delhi Soup Kitchen

24. Found the path to peace in Tbilisi,Georgia

25. Walked hand in hand with someone special, along the canals of Amsterdam

26. Soaked up the atmosphere in the beer halls of Munich

27. Swam in the Caribbean sea.

28. Slept in a Military Hanger in Interlaken, Switzerland

29. Sampled Absinthe in Prague

30. I’m leaving number 30 blank….. because there is still a few weeks left to go!
So, am I worried about turning 30? Not a bit. There are a whole lot of adventures to come. So here’s to 2017 and here’s to the next 30 years and beyond!




  1. That's amazing Clair. The world really is your oyster and if you've the time to see these amazing places it must feel fantastic. Travel was never something I thought about until it was too late. I'm hoping I'll do it, when the kids have emptied the nest (and not the bank account!). But it's nice to dream, and nicer to see others fulfilling theirs . To quote Dory “just keep swimming, in every ocean you can”. I added the last part myself. ROFL. And your not even 30!!! So much more to see and do. And NYE 2016/7 will be Epic.


  2. Oh wowzers! Where's Clair? Clair is everywhere in this post – Clair is omnipresent lol, seriously though I absolutely love this, it's like the ultimate bucket list! You have seen and experienced so many amazing things but you have also been really kind and caring in your travels (eg volunteering with children and helping out in a soup kitchen!) and I think that is something everyone should learn from! You are an inspiration and I have no doubt that when you enter your 30's, life will just get better and better! Here's to your birthday, hope you have a wonderful day!xx #feetdotravel


  3. Oh, girl. You've done a ton of amazing things by 30! What a fabulous list and outlook on life you have. I'm a few years behind you yet, but I'm turning 25 next year and feeling a need to panic for some reason (I'm not a teenager anymore, whaaaat?!). But this post made me calm down because you're right, we don't have to measure our 20s or our life against some list someone else made. I hope to be in the same, positive mindset you are when I'm 30. Happy holidays (and early birthday)!


  4. Ah, your list is great! While my twenties did not turn out the way I thought they would, I'm loving every bit of my thirties! Like a fine wine, some things just get better with age! Looking forward to following along with the adventures that lie ahead of you! And, happy (early) birthday!


  5. I'm turning 30 in may and I'm already worried/sad/not sure how to handle it. Glad you take it better than I do 🙂 you have a great list of accomplishments there. I actually volunteered in Moldova this year. Lovely country 🙂


  6. You have done loads of amazing things! Just out of interest which country is the least visited in Europe! I am 50 next year and I was getting a bit uncomfortable about it but I am pretty sure I have managed to experience 50 amazing things and that's what counts! Great post 😊


  7. Amazing post! You have had so many experiences already. I have not travelled as much as I would like to yet, but being 40-something, I will be working on my 50 things I have done before I turn 50 🙂


  8. Such a fantastic, positive list Clair and a great way to approach the dreaded 30. You've got some great entries here and ones that I'd love to do too, especially Chisnau and Tbilisi. Happy Birthday in a few weeks time!


  9. Love all the things you have done not the things you should have done by a certain age. You positive attitude is awesome, along with the experiences and places you have seen. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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