Ireland – The Best Country in the World

This weekend has been perfect. We are notorious for our pretty rotten weather in Ireland, but since the sun was shining it was clear to see what a beautiful country we live in. It really got me thinking how incredible it is to live in a place that can be so fantastic without really being appreciated. I noticed a few reasons why Ireland is the best country in the World, when the sun shines……..
1.       We become a much happier and kinder nation.
Let’s be honest, we are a good-natured bunch in general. But when the sun shines, almost everyone is in good form. We go out, we enjoy ourselves and we experience new things. We complement each other on our clothes and we even stop to ask strangers where they got their dress/sandals/shorts. Even if it is inevitably “Penney’s”
2.       The scenery is amazing.
What’s not to love? Although we have an incredible beautiful country, we tend to forget until the sun shines. Sandy beaches, pebble beaches, beautiful parks and heritage sites. There is something for everyone when the sun is shining. We can pack up the ham sandwiches and head off for a picnic and the kids can be entertained with a football or a frisbee. Some of my favourite memories as a child were my parents taking us to any open space and letting us run amok.
View from the Sugar Loaf mountain
The banks of the River Liffey


My local Park!


Howth Head


3.       Ice cream Me Up!
We are always within 200m of an ice cream when the sun shines. It’s as if ice cream vans come out of the woodwork! As this is my personal favourite, it becomes acceptable to eat ice cream at any point in the day and there is no worry about spoiling your dinner…. which will probably be a salad, because your Mam says it’s too hot to cook!
I repeat – I’m not even sorry!
4.       Beer Gardens
I have never seen anywhere else in the world, to have a beer garden culture like Ireland. As soon as the sun shines it becomes automatically acceptable to put a few wooden tables in a car park and Voila! You have a readymade beer garden. When I was younger, my visions of being an adult always seemed to involve drinking in a beer garden in some point in the future. We swap Guinness for Bulmers and stick a few sausies on a BBQ. Job done!
5.       So much grass
With the exception of my hay fever-ed friends, we all love that there is so much grass in Ireland. When the sun shines, we take off our shoes, lie down on the ground, possibly make a daisy chain and basically we are happy out.


What I love most, is that everyone becomes so proud to be Irish. You can hear choruses of “This is the best little country in the world when the sun shines” Or “If we could only have this for 3 months, we’d put up with 9 months of rain” and other things that we don’t actually mean! But for a few days of every year, everyone loves Ireland and we go out and experience the best that it has to offer. Over the next couple of days, if you can, try to go somewhere you’ve never been. If you can’t do this, at least spend some time with your feet in the grass J
Just chilling at Bray Head


  1. Ireland looks awesome! I feel though that at times it can be a pain to have 9 months of rain with 3 months of sunshine, as it is what has happened here in the country recently and I tell you- it's not awesome.. Especially when temps went up to around 40's.

    I love the ice cream picture, shows a more casual and relaxed you. 🙂


  2. I've only spent one day in Ireland and it was a sunny and beautiful day. The view from the Cliffs of Moher as the sun painted the hillsides emerald green was absolutely fabulous!


  3. I would love to visit Ireland. The serene countryside is what attracts me. I've only ever seen Ireland from movies. The closest thing I think to it would be Circle of Friends.


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