The Bucket List!

Has anyone ever made a bucket list? I found this list in some of my notes recently;

1. See all 7 New Wonders of the World.
The Great Wall of China, Petra, The Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Chichen Itza, Christ the Redeemer, Macchu Pichu.

2. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

3. Do a skydive.

4. See the Northern Lights

5. Go to a Full Moon Party.

6. Float in the Dead Sea.

7. Go to a match at the World Cup. (Ideally when Ireland have qualified)

8. See Lake Bled, Slovenia.

9. Shop in the Souks in Marrakesh.

10. See Red Square, Moscow.

11. Climb something really big!

I wrote this quite some time ago and just found it among my notes. I have actually scratched off a couple of them, but I wondered is it really a positive thing? Should we define ourselves by how many things on a list we have ticked off? What if some of the greatest experiences we have are the ones we had never planned to do? What if the things that matter the most are the things that happen by chance? For example, an impromptu trip to a town off the beaten track, an unexpected invitation, or even a completely opportunistic move that turns out to be so important in life. Some of the things I have experienced I didn’t even know I wanted them on my bucket list, but if I knew how incredible they were before, I would certainly have them on my list.

So I have decided to write a new bucket list, with one item only

1. Have as many new experiences as possible. 

Happy Journey folks x


  1. I have vision boards but never actually made a bucket list, literally. LOL! It's just that the term bucket list invokes thought of a real bucket where you throw in your notes and well, if I did that, I would not see my notes. The idea is to pick up some and set out to doing it from time to time.

    I could imagine how gratifying it is for you to cross out some on your list on this post! Way to go!!!


  2. I remember making a bucketlist a few years ago on a website made specifically for bucketlists. Most of the items were also crossed out, but after some time, I forgot all about it. Until today. 😛 I now realized that it's actually weird to make bucketlists because… there are so many wonderful things to do and aspire to be — how can we be sure what's best for us, or how can we pick out the things that are meant for us? Like in your list.. The places are wonderful and the experiences surreal, but how did you pick them from the many wonderful new experiences out there? And if they're “new”, you'd never really know if they're fun or likable or not, right? 😛 But I still agree that it's nice to have goals in life. SO Cheers to that one goal of yours! Truly inspiring! 😉


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